Chapter History

The Iota Theta Chapter has been a vital part of the Georgia Tech community ever since 1984. We are so proud to be Georgia Tech students, and love that being part of Iota Theta enriches our college experience every day!

We love to support Georgia Tech’s campus-wide fundraisers, events, and activities. From cheering on our Yellow Jackets in Bobby Dodd to representing Georgia Tech in professional and academic competitions, having our network of sisters makes every experience even more enjoyable than the last.

We can't wait to share our sisterhood with you! 


Chapter of Excellence

This year, Iota Theta won the Chapter of Excellence award from Georgia Tech for the second year in a row! This award is given to the chapter on campus with the best overall focus on scholastic, philanthropic, membership, and leadership achievements. We are so honored and humbled to have been chosen for this award and hope to continue to make a lasting impact on Georgia Tech for years to come.


Silver Award for Membership Enrichment

In Summer 2018, Iota Theta won 1st Runner Up for Membership Enrichment at the biannual ZTA Convention. This award is based upon the sisterhood programming and events that we create and do as a chapter. From “Mocktail Mixology” classes, to belly dancing, to putting on a “Wellness Week” that prioritizes mental health, our priority is creating experiences that foster the strong bonds friendship between our sisters, and it always will be.

A letter from our President


On behalf of all the members of the Iota Theta chapter here at Georgia Tech, I am very excited to welcome you to our website! Here, we’ve displayed some of the qualities that make our chapter who we are.

When I was a first-year going through recruitment, I wanted to join Greek Life to find a support system that would help me through my four (maybe five!) years at Georgia Tech. I wanted to find a group of like-minded women who would not only support me, not only academically, but emotionally, through my collegiate years. Through my time in recruitment, the bond that the sisters of this chapter have stuck with me, and, through my time in ZTA, I can honestly say that I have found an incredible support system that has pushed me to grow as both a leader and as a person. Upon scrolling through our website, I hope you find what I have found throughout my time in ZTA: our sisters, my closest friends, are intelligent, driven, kind, empowering, and have so many other qualities that make me proud to be a member of this organization. In ZTA I have cultivated the strongest friendships and made professional connections that I never would have created without my sisters. Not only that, but in my three years as a ZTA sister, I have made some of the best memories that I will carry with me through the rest of my life. 

Whether you are a potential new member, a sister, a parent, or a friend, I encourage you to look further into our chapter and learn more about why we are the Chapter of Excellence at Georgia Tech. Through this website, I hope you see how we constantly strive to uphold our national motto, “Seek the Noblest.” If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! Again, we are so excited you are here, and are so excited for you to learn more about ZTA!


Kirsten “K” Reynolds